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Patients often have many questions about their dentistry, and we love to answer them. We want to educate you about your oral health so you can make the right choices for your treatment needs.

Our staff and doctors are happy to answer your questions, and we’ve shared some of the questions we hear the most. We encourage you to call us if your question isn’t answered here.


This is a question we hear often.

We understand that dental insurance is often confusing and may be difficult to navigate. Our insurance experts on staff are happy to review your plan with you, and we can help you understand and maximize your dental insurance benefits. We always encourage patients to call us with any questions they might have about their coverage or other payment arrangements. 

While insurance benefits are helpful, they typically don’t cover all treatment procedures in full. Every plan is different and has unique deductibles, maximums, and percentages. Because insurance coverage varies greatly, we offer other convenient payment options as well, including financing with CareCredit to break your treatment cost into affordable monthly payments.

We never want cost to be a factor in keeping our patients from getting the dental care they deserve. Our creative treatment coordinators are experts at helping patients fit the treatment they need into their budget, and we’ll be able to help you, too! We’re always willing to work with you so can receive the procedures you need, when you need them. Contact our office today to learn more about your dental insurance or payment options.

Our goal at Appleton Dental Care is to make your treatment as comfortable and pleasant as possible, and we make every effort to do this. Dental anesthetics will ensure that you don’t feel anything during more complex treatment procedures, and our doctors deliver the anesthetic with great skill and care. They’ll also confirm that you are completely numb and comfortable before proceeding with any treatment.

For patients who feel fearful or deal with anxiety around their dental appointments, we also offer nitrous oxide as an option for dental sedation. Nitrous is a gas that is comfortably delivered through a mask worn throughout your procedure. It’s fast acting and works quickly to help you relax and feel at ease. It also leaves your system quickly so you can return safely to your normal activities and even drive yourself home. Nitrous is safe for almost all patients, including children, and it can be used during any procedure, whether you need a simple cleaning or more complex dental restoration.

We want all our patients to feel relaxed when they visit Appleton Dental Care, and our staff works as a team to help you feel welcome and at ease while you’re here.

Crowns and Bridges

A crown is a custom-designed replica of your tooth that fits over your remaining tooth structure. It replaces your tooth, while also protecting your natural root. When your tooth suffers from a fracture, decay, infection, or injury that is greater than a dental filling can repair, our doctors might recommend a crown for you.

It typically takes two appointments to finish your crown. During your first appointment, we prepare your tooth for your permanent restoration and create a temporary crown for you to wear while your final crown is being fabricated at a dental laboratory. In 2 to 3 weeks, you’ll return to Appleton Dental Care to receive your permanent crown. Our doctors will place it and ensure that it fits properly and aligns correctly with your bite.

We’re committed to using the finest dental materials and working with the top dental laboratories in the area so you’ll receive a quality restoration you can rely on. We’ll also customize your new crown to complement your smile by matching your existing teeth so no one will notice your dental work.

If you have a tooth that needs repair, contact Appleton Dental Care today to learn more about your treatment options and schedule your next appointment.

Root Canal Therapy

When the pulp or root of your tooth becomes injured or infected, you will need a root canal to preserve your tooth. We’ll remove that infected tissue from inside your tooth through a small hole we create in the top. Once the infection is cleaned out, we’ll seal your tooth and allow it time to heal. After the healing period has passed, you’ll return to Appleton Dental Care to have your tooth restored with a permanent filling or dental crown.

Our doctors do a number of things to ensure that you’re comfortable during this procedure, such as numbing your tooth with dental anesthetics to ensure you don’t feel anything. We also use rotary endodontic tools, which are electric and made from nickel titanium, making them more flexible and comfortable for patients. Electric tools also make the procedure more efficient, and it’s surprising to many patients how smooth and easy root canal therapy can be.

The first sign of a dental infection is sensitivity to hot or cold, which will eventually lead to more chronic pain. Don’t ignore these signs as a dental infection will not go away without treatment.

A root canal can often save an infected tooth from being lost to an extraction, so please act quickly if you’re experiencing dental pain.


Pediatric Dentistry

We love to see children at Appleton Dental Care. Dr. Carlson and Dr. Giang-Carlson are parents themselves, which helps them understand how important these first visits are for your child’s future success at the dental office. Our entire staff strives to make your child’s visits to our office pleasant and upbeat, and it’s our goal that they look forward to their dental appointments.

We recommend that you bring your child in for their first dental checkup six months after their first tooth erupts. This is typically around their first birthday but can vary with each child. These early visits not only allow us to begin establishing a relationship with your child, they also help us monitor their dental development. When we start early, we can make you aware of any issues we see early on, which typically allows for more effective and prompt treatment, if necessary.

We also encourage parents to bring their children in to their own dental appointments so your child can become comfortable with what happens during a typical dental visit and know that it’s not scary. We look forward to meeting your child and building a relationship!

Preventative Dentistry

A sealant is a thin plastic coating we bond to the chewing surfaces of your molars in order to fill in grooves that may be more susceptible to decay. Sealants are a great option for protecting your teeth from cavities, and while we recommend that most children have them placed, some adult patients can benefit from dental sealants as well.

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that helps build and remineralize teeth. For children, fluoride is important to build a healthy foundation for their developing teeth, and we typically recommend fluoride treatments at their six-month cleaning and checkup visits. Fluoride can also help remineralize enamel that has been damaged by decay. Many of our adult patients who are naturally prone to cavities can benefit from periodic fluoride treatments.

At Appleton Dental Care, we believe that preventative care is the foundation for achieving and maintaining optimum oral health. Dental sealants and fluoride treatments are preventative services we offer to our patients to help them protect their oral health. When you invest in preventative services and come to your six-month cleaning and checkup appointments, we can help you avoid many dental issues and guard your oral health.

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