Dentures and Partials

Living with multiple missing teeth presents many daily challenges. Eating the healthy foods you once enjoyed becomes difficult, while talking and smiling in front of others may feel embarrassing.

Without a replacement, even one missing tooth can often lead to more tooth loss, and patients may find themselves feeling hopeless about their situation.

At Appleton Dental Care, we want you to know there are excellent options for replacing your missing teeth, and there is always hope for restoring your smile!

What Is a Denture?

A denture is an oral appliance, typically fabricated from acrylic, that is designed to restore an entire arch of missing teeth. Our doctors take your teeth and facial structure into consideration when creating your denture to achieve the most natural-looking results.

A denture relies on suction, a tight fit, and sometimes a dental adhesive to stay in place. It’s removable so you can take it out at night for cleaning.

There is often a learning curve for patients to get used to talking and eating with their new denture; however, most patients appreciate how it immediately restores their smile and the appearance of their face. Many patients feel like their denture actually takes years off of their appearance.

What Is a Partial Denture?

A partial denture may be an ideal option for a patient missing multiple teeth, but who still retains a large number of healthy teeth.

A partial anchors to your healthy teeth with a metal clasp and has prosthetic teeth attached to fill in the missing spaces – a lot like a puzzle piece. Partials are also removable, fit much like a retainer, and restore both beauty and function to your smile.

Implant-Supported Denture and Partials

Dental implants are also an option for supporting prosthetics such as dentures and partials.

A few implants are strategically placed into your bone by an oral surgeon, and our doctors will customize a denture to snap into the implants. The same can be done with a partial, using the implants as the anchor teeth.

Not only does this offer a more secure and stable fit for denture wearers, the implants also work to keep your jawbone healthy and stimulated, which ensures greater longevity for your denture that you don’t have with traditional dentures.

There’s no reason for you to lose hope any longer! Are you ready to reclaim your smile and your life?

If you’re living with multiple missing teeth, we encourage you to contact Appleton Dental Care to learn more about the options for restoring your teeth and your smile. We’ll schedule a consultation with one of our doctors to determine which treatment option may best suit your needs, lifestyle, and budget.