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What is a root canal?

When the pulp or root of your tooth becomes injured or infected, you will need a root canal to preserve your tooth. We’ll remove that infected tissue from inside your tooth through a small hole we create in the top. Once the infection is cleaned out, we’ll seal your tooth and allow it time to heal. After the healing period has passed, you’ll return to Appleton Dental Care to have your tooth restored with a permanent filling or dental crown.

Our doctors do a number of things to ensure that you’re comfortable during this procedure, such as numbing your tooth with dental anesthetics to ensure you don’t feel anything. We also use rotary endodontic tools, which are electric and made from nickel titanium, making them more flexible and comfortable for patients. Electric tools also make the procedure more efficient, and it’s surprising to many patients how smooth and easy root canal therapy can be.

The first sign of a dental infection is sensitivity to hot or cold, which will eventually lead to more chronic pain. Don’t ignore these signs as a dental infection will not go away without treatment.

A root canal can often save an infected tooth from being lost to an extraction, so please act quickly if you’re experiencing dental pain.


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