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Will my treatment procedure hurt?

Our goal at Appleton Dental Care is to make your treatment as comfortable and pleasant as possible, and we make every effort to do this. Dental anesthetics will ensure that you don’t feel anything during more complex treatment procedures, and our doctors deliver the anesthetic with great skill and care. They’ll also confirm that you are completely numb and comfortable before proceeding with any treatment.

For patients who feel fearful or deal with anxiety around their dental appointments, we also offer nitrous oxide as an option for dental sedation. Nitrous is a gas that is comfortably delivered through a mask worn throughout your procedure. It’s fast acting and works quickly to help you relax and feel at ease. It also leaves your system quickly so you can return safely to your normal activities and even drive yourself home. Nitrous is safe for almost all patients, including children, and it can be used during any procedure, whether you need a simple cleaning or more complex dental restoration.

We want all our patients to feel relaxed when they visit Appleton Dental Care, and our staff works as a team to help you feel welcome and at ease while you’re here.

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